Committed to responsible fishing



Working for a sustainable future

tin_mackerelWe are proud of the sustainable status of the fish that our members process. North Sea herring is part of the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council eco-label programme confirming its status as sustainable and well managed.

Working closely with our fishermen colleagues, we are determined to be leaders in the field and show the world that Scottish caught and processed pelagic fish follows best practice procedures at all stages of the supply chain.

As part of this, we are members of the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group (SPSG), which as well as the MSC programme, is leading the way in the development of a range of other sustainability initiatives, including scientific research programmes on our pelagic stocks.

Scotland’s pelagic fisheries are one of the lowest carbon footprint forms of protein production around. Pelagic fish such as herring also taste great and are healthy to eat.

The pelagic sector supports many jobs and is a significant contributor to the Scottish economy. With the right support we believe there is good scope to develop new markets for our products – especially since consumers can buy Scottish pelagic fish in the knowledge that it is sustainably caught.