Naming ceremony for new Shetland pelagic trawler

Naming ceremony for new Shetland pelagic trawler

On Saturday, July 6, at the Zamakona shipyard in the port of Bilbao, the naming ceremony took place of the new pelagic trawler for the Shetland fleet, Antarctic.

Built for the Fiskebas Fishing Co., the event  saw the presence of the ship's owners as well as a large delegation of family and friends who arrived from Shetland for the occasion.

The vessel, designed by Skipsteknisk, has a 69.6m length and a 15.2m breadth, and accommodates 14 people and will replace the Antarctic II (LK 145).

In the coming weeks, the Antarctic will conduct sea tests in Cantabrian waters. She will later depart for the Shetland Islands where she will pick up her fishing gear and head to the fishing grounds.